Sunday, June 03, 2007

old mcdonals had a farm

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

inshaAllah everyone is the best of health and imaan

Last week I went to visit my friend after weeks of assignments and exams we deserved a good catch up, but not only that she had recently got some chickens and invited me to come and see them. There were different breeds some long legged, some short legged, a cock and some cute little chicks that were hatched in an incubator by my friend’s brother. And they were soo cute mashaAllah I had so much fun holding them, playing with them and teasing my friend and her sister that they would make nice roast meals(I’m cruel aren’t I?) But seriously it felt like I was at a farm somewhere and not in a garden in Birmingham! LOL She also had birds and a cat who had her hyper hour and running and playing hunting games. I usually love playing with cats and kittens but this one freaked me out LOL. To add icing to the cake my friends mum very kindly gave me some eggs to take home(get this they get fresh eggs hatched everyday! mashaAllah)
Anyways I have some pictures below so enjoy:) actually they are above don't ask why i just dont get it at all!

Take care

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