Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh

Last week my dad was feeling unwell and had to go to A&E, and he stayed there the whole night and they let him out late the next morning after doing checks, though my mum was with the in the hospital that night it was hard for me to sleep knowing my dads in hospital. Alhamdulillah his doing well now but it really made me appreciate my dad, the type of person he is and the love his given me. I think perhaps from all the children I’m the closest to my dad, even as a child I went most places with him, when I was 3 or 4 and he came home from work late night I used to sleep on his chest, even now when things go wrong in life its my dad I go running to, I think I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. So this is a list of things that my dads taught me and some of the nice things about him:

- My dad lost his mother when he was about 4 or 5, and lost his father when he was about 16. Being the eldest of the family he had to be responsible for the family, and so giving up his studies he worked as a teacher to support his stepmother and little brothers and sisters. Even today, he still sends money back in Bangladesh to his brother and late sisters family.
- Though I was brought up in a culture that has class systems, and your recognised by the family you come from , my dad has always taught us to see all people as equal and to love the poor.
- His called over for when people have family, marriage or general kind of disputes, because he has a reputation for being just, alhamdulillah.
- His a straight forward man who if he doesn’t like something says it.
- His someone who is hardly ever late, if he has an appointment or people to see then his ready to go at least half an hour before!
- His had a lot of illnesses but his coped with and not letting life stop because of it alhamdulillah
- His taught us to values good character, manners more than materialism.

- His hospitable,people loving kind of person, who welcomes people to our home, and belive me our homes busy alot of the time alhamdulillah!
- He tells some great stories, Islamic ones and also folktales. The folktales are usually of animals that can talk! LOL Me and my brother have fond memories of my dad telling stories while we all relax.

I can go on for a longer but I think I’ll stop here now inshaAllah, to conclude I will say my dads not perfect, his human, he makes mistakes like any other person and I know everyone’s parents are special to them and I’m no different, if I could choose a dad it would be no other than my ABBA!

May Allah SWT love you, and be merciful to you and reward you always Abba.
May Allah SWT preserve our parents, grant them parents long lives, with the best of health and highest of imaan, and may Allah SWT forgive and be merciful to those parents who have passed away and returned to Allah and give all our parents and the belivers jannatul Firdwas, may we all be reunited there. Ameen

Rabbana ghfir li wa li wallidayya wa lil Mu'mineena yawma yaqumul hisaab

O our Lord! Cover (us) with Thy Forgiveness - me, my parents, and (all) Believers, on the Day that the Reckoning will be established![14:41

Until next time inshaAllah


white african said...

mashallah thats a lovley dedication to your father.

may allah always keep him safe, healthy and grant him a place in jannah (ameen)

eternal peace said...

ameen to your beautiful du'a sis jazakAllah khayr,i pray Allah keeps all our parents in the best of health and imaan and grant them jannah aameen