Thursday, April 12, 2007


assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
this is probably one of the few times i'm likely to talk about sports, but this goes a little bit deeper than sports, it brings questions of identity. The other day the bangladeshi and england teams were playing against eachother in the world cup. For the older family members and relatives it wasn't hard to decide which team to support, they were born, raised and educated in Bangladesh. Yet for my generation, the question arose as to who we should show our loyalty to? My brother was like "urmm...why should you want to support bangladesh? what have they ever done for you? my reply was they had given me part of my identity, yet England was where i was born, raised and educated. This is where i felt a sense of belonging to a certain extent. Yet the other side of the debate came from my cousins wife who though was raised here, argued that we feel like 3rd class citiznes here.
Certainly the official bangldeshi cricket song that goes " laal shobujer protekaaaar"(red and green flag) and the images of bangldeshi places and people, and then family members in my living room celebrating everytime the Bangladeshi team did well made me also feel part of it too, and i think when it came down to the cricket i supported Bangladesh a whole lot more, yet when it comes to football i support England! Well this is just going in circles, i haven't established who should support, and where my identity belongs more, but one things for sure i'm happy to be muslim, and i know this is all Allah's world and perhaps its a privedge to feel part of two lands!
Anyways i've waffled for far too long
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white african said...

how about supporting a team by the name of bangritain, a combination of britain and bangladesh :)

you know inshallah i am intending on visiting bangaldesh this summer, i may well be teh first libyan to do so :)