Monday, April 30, 2007

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh
I have alot of assignments to do at the moment, as i know alot of other people do aswell as exams so inshaAllah here are some du'as i came across asking Allah SWT to make our affairs easy for us, indeed all success if from Him. i ask everyone to remember me in thier duas, I know i'm talking to an invisible audience here lol but just writing this just in case someone comes across it accidently!)until next time inshaAllah


Liloca said...

Hi! I thought I should leave a comment... I came across your blog randomly, or by accident as you said. Goodluck then, with your assignments.

eternal peace said...

hi liloca
welcome to my blog, thank you for for stopping by and your suppotive comments:)

white african said...

may allah mak it easy for you sis, main thing is dont get tooooo stressed, some stress is good but not to much.

eternal peace said...

jazakAllah khayr white african, i'm really bad at dealing with stress, please do remember me in your du'as