Thursday, May 10, 2007

Youth Unity Convention 2007

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh
inshaAllah I pray everyone is the best of health and imaan.
This Monday which was bank holiday, there was a youth convention with a wonderful line up of shaykhs, speakers and nasheed artists mashaAllah, including, Shaykh Hasan Ali, Shaykh Hathim Haddad, sister Yvonne Ridley, Khaleel Muhammed and Asif Chaudhry (upcoming nasheed artist inshaAllah). Yusuf Estetes, Imam Ziaullah Khan and Maulana Zahir (local shaykh) were all scheduled to come too, but I never got to see them because I had to leave early and the event was running late. (Muslim timing LOL) I was really looking forward to seeing Imam Ziaullah Khan because I’ve never seen his talks live but on the internet and they are funny yet inspirational, but khayr inshaAllah. The great news was that we had three new members to our ummah subhanAllah, one took shahadah on stage. The event was chaired by local Shaykh Shahrul Hussain. Khaleel Muhammad made the audience join in the nasheeds, and it was a case of brothers V sisters LOL. The kids in white (may Allah bless them ameen) were up on stage singing various nasheeds, and some in particular had beautiful voices, when I was asking them if I could take their picture they were like” Put the flash on!” Even these little kids knew how to take better pics than me!

There was a bazaar with loads of stuff like scarves, jilbabs, artwork, jewellery, perfume, Cd’s, information, and FOOOD! Yummy biryani!

Unity TV 825 was covering the event so all can watch it sometime next week inshaAllah that’s why I wont go into detail about the messages the speakers had, I wouldn’t be able to do justice to it anyway. The pictures were taken yours truly, yes I know she still hasn’t mastered taking pictures even in this era of digital photography. Great news for White African sis and every other person in Manchester, an event like this coming your way soon :)

Anyways until next time inshaAllah

Fiamanillah wasalam

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white african said...

thanks eternal bless you for posting this, and as for the pictures you will get the hang of it inshallah.

excellent news so an event in manchetser, do you have any details?

i loves yusuf estetes