Sunday, July 29, 2007



This morning my nani(mums mum) left for Bangladesh, after staying with us for 5 months. It seems just the other day when she arrived from bangladesh, and today its time to go. My nani is my only living grandparent, the rest had passed away before i was born or while i was very young. But i had only seen my nani twice on my 2 visits to Bangladesh, yet this time she came to stay with us and we got to know the feeling of having a grandparent around the house, making sure we had ate in the morning before going to work or uni, at the end of the day when we came home she would again check if we has ate, and waking up in the morning trying to sneak around and doing some of the chores because if we saw her we would stop her. the house is quiet without her, she shared my room and so some of her clothes are still here, my mum, bro and sis still haven;t come back from the airport from dropping of her off coz the flight has been delayed, bet my mums really glad it gives her a few extra hours with her mother, i know when my mum comes home she'll be an emotional wreck, my nani leaving for bangladesh today will affect my mum the most, for once in her life in the UK she had a mum around.

Last night my mum didnlt get much sleep not only coz she was worried about my nani leaving but also because we had relatives yesterday all day, (some even at 12am) to see my na off, and one family who stayed with us last night and so we all had to move around making space.

I really hope and pray we get to see my nani a lot more in this lifetime and i pray Allah SWT keeps her in the best of health because she hasn;t been well and the best of imaan ameen. she couldn't say many words today without crying, i cant deal with people crying( i know what a wimp!) so i just said a quick goodbye, she gave me her goodbye message yesterday " Look after your parents, your the sensible one, and remember me in your du'as"

Anyway the other day as we were driving i spotted a rainbow in the sky. so i took a few shots, which i think is quite fitting for this post because even though its about a goodbye, i still hope and pray its not the last time we see our nani. ameen

until next time inshaAllah

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