Friday, August 31, 2007

A feeling i cant describe

assalamu alaikum

i'm blogging today from work, after lunchtime. Today i went out to lunch to the chip shop and there in the shop i saw a woman eating some chips with a can of coke besides her, she had many scars on her hands and face, her jumper was dirty and torn and so were her jeans and trainers. i stood there uncomfortable because this woman looked as if she lived on the streets, and i was standing there knowing that i can afford a good meal and have a warm house and family to return to alhamdulillah. when i went to the next shop i was telling my friend that i can't stop thinking of this woman, my friend replied she must be a prostitute and it dawned on me how many people are living thier lives in such a developed country as ours. For some reason i couldn't make my feelings of guilt go away, a type of sinking feeling. my friend explained that many of these cases are self induced and though i know of this, that many people get homeless because of drugs and then to feed thier habit they have to steal, or go into prostitution. i pray Allah SWT takes everyone out these situtions, take them out the darkness and bring them to a life of light and may we never have to be situtations like that, ameen ya Rabbal Ameen

ok i've used this blog as therapy, but that feeling hasn't gone completly but alhamdulillah ala kulli haal, i feel like that my bubble has been burst today, and i've really stepped outside my cushy comfort zone. May Allah SWT guide us and protect us in this dunya and akhirah ameen

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