Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eid Mubarak

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh

i'm sorry its late but like to wish you all EID MUBARAK!

may Allah SWT accept our ibadah, increase us in good and keep us steadfast in our good actions ameen

last time i wrote here it was ramadhan and now its gone, i pray Allah brings mnay more ramadhans in our life, out of which we take many blessings ameen, it just hits me in the last 10 days that its going and the just before maghrib on the last day is emotional, many thought come to the head such as will i see next ramadhan, will Allah accept my deeds? have i made the most of ramadhan?

after a week off a work during the last days days of ramadhan and also days of eid i'm back at work, and its been kinda interesting, i've come come back to a new post trying to do it by myself as the person i'm meant to be covering has now left for maternity leave, while doing the advice sessions i sometimes can get into interesting conversations about life for instance:

client: are you married?

me: nope

client: there is no rush dont worry, single life is really good

me: hmm

client: married life is hard, its ok at first and then ...

(let me just add that this client is seperated from her husband)

hmm so is she right? is marriage really that much hard work, shes not the first to tell me this but the more people tell me the more i think are people really worse off these days with marriage? are there no happy couples out there??

oh and there was this other client who had a mini go at me for filling in her form wrong, and that i shouldn't fill in stuff if i didn;t know! i was like i only wrote what you told me!

oh well cant please everyone, anyways i better get on with work now time for me to end my break

take care



Organic-Muslimah said...

People are annoying. I wonder if there is a job where you can have without dealing with people?

Marriage is tough, it's not easy. But I think at least half the planet is involved in the institute of marriage. So, it must not be that bad, right?

eternal peace said...

welcome to my blog sister, :)

well i think marriage is a wonderful institution inshaAllah but perhaps we are approaching it the wrong way?

Allahu Alam