Monday, November 12, 2007

staff training

assalamu alaikum warahamtullahi wabaraktuh,

inshaAllah i hope everyones well

i've just been looking at the pics i have on my camera and they have piled up, some i've specifically taken to put on this blog yet i haven't got round to it...

well here are some staff training ones i took, it was a week after eid, the day was really fun alhamdulillah though it was it started off as cold and foggy. The activities included clay pigeon shooting, archery, quad biking and power turning. Quad biking won hands down at the thrill factor and was everyones favourite, it was the first time i had even done it and was nervous so asked to stay behind the instructor yet once i got going i wanted more and more.We quad biked in the countryside, around the crop fields and then through the woods. The view of nature from my quad bike was amazing and all i could say was subhanAllah, being a city girl i dont get to visit the country as much but i'm really missing out because that day i felt close to nature and i didn't care if there were hundred of spider webs randomnly landing on our faces!

and the day ended with us going to an italian resturant that had rude staff!

but until next time take care

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regal_eagle said...

They were rude?!