Sunday, November 18, 2007

summer memories

salaams all,

today we all came into work all complaining of the cold, some of us still have our coats on because the buildings still cold as it hasn't been heated all weekend,it snowed my part of town last night and subhanAllah i love looking at the snow, coz its like looking at a magical scene, but at this present moment i'm thinking of the summer. It no secret but i'm not a fan of hot weather, i like mild breezy days, but as i was browsing through a sisters blog i wanted to be somewhere else, i wanted to witness the sunset in egypt, and have lazy summer evenings by the lakeside somewhere....well i've taken taken some pics off her blog, i've also included the link to the flikr account:

until next time inshaAllah wasalam


Zainab said...

As salamu alaikum!

I too am reminiscing of lazy summer days...sigh..i LOVE summertime..

eternal peace said...

walaikum salam sister,
welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by!


hm said...


Those pictures are lovely. :o)