Tuesday, November 27, 2007


In the name of Allah The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

InshaAllah hope everyone is in the best of health and imaan, since i've started full time work i feel like my lifes been taking over and i dont have time to do much else, every morning i get ready for work, go to work which is always busy these days, fit my salaahs during work (there are 3 now that the days are shorter) and i'm just rushing about. i come home tired and spend most of the evening recovering from me tiredness, how do people do it? We live in a society where a large number of the population have full time jobs, but how do they manage everything? mothers who hold up a job, look after thier kids and manage a household and family and be a wife and a friend. Yet it hasn't been that long for me yet i feel so fed up!

I'm also wondering what i'm doing in life, am i spending far too much with this dunya(world) when its the hereafter that i should prepare for? How much time am i giving to worshiping Allah, improving my salaah, my du'a, doing what Allah loves and leaving that which He hates, learning about the deen, spending quality time with my parents and family, being a good friend/neighbour, developing myself,helping those in need..and so on.

Should life be like this? everyday its just working against the clock, and then an evening to recover but then time for bed soon and the another day starts. Yes i have the weekends but thats spent doing things i didn;t get a chance to over the week, and then its monday again! SubhanAllah

sometimes it feels like i've chained myself, become a slave of this dunya, i understand people need to work so that they can provide for thier families, and that we should not want to live on hand outs, alhamdulillah in that respect i feel blessed i have a job though i dont need to support a family but i'm just finding it hard and have been thinking hard of going back to part time hours.....

Ya Allah Guide me to whats best for me


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