Friday, December 14, 2007


salaams today is our staff meal, its a at a resturant where there is alchohol sold and some of my collegues will be drinking, when it was booked it didn;t occur to me about the alchohol but earlier this week it did, and i suddenly thought wait a minuten theres bound to be alchol and i'm not supposed to be near alchohol on a table where its served! so i've managed to take leave for that afternoon alhamdulillah but now everyones kinda curious as to why i cant go and why cant i go and not just drink....even my muslim collegues/mates at work asking.....i know why i cant go i need to explain properly thats all, give me strentgh ya Rabb


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Anonymous said...

Slms sister,
I was reading your blog and I like what I read. I also work in a place where there are non muslim and end of year is always a challenge. To be honest with you, I did go the first time and I knew there would be alcohol.I thought I will drink juice and be there so as not to create speculation and I didnt want anyone to think im anti social or something. I am a muslim and I wear the hijaab too.I felt awfully guilty afterwards, then next year came and I used an excuse.My friend at work, who wears hijaab and jilbaab, walked into the office and when asked if she is coming, she simply said: No,Im sorry, I dont go to pub or anywhere where alcohol is being served...Why? shes been asked...Oh because my religion doesnt allow it.'Ohh' and that was it.I looked at her and felt so ashamed of myself!!!She was more concerned about pleasing Allah than pleasing people at work and also she was direct, open and didnt really care what others will think as she spoke the truth!!!So, I did the same thing and explained calmly that I am not allowed....someone mentioned maybe they could go somewhere where alcohol is not served..but of course that didnt happen....So , my point is,tell the truth, some will understand, some will take the mick, but like you have said in your blog, you have to answer to Allah on the day of Judgement and this is what counts.Insha Allah you will become stronger and stronger and may you go For Hajj soon, Insha Allah.
From a sister in Islam.