Monday, December 17, 2007


i'm at work right now, but my minds elsewhere, it has been for the last few days but today even more so, for the last couple of years i've been watching live hajj by islam channel, this year even channel S is covering it too alhamdulillah, every year i watch it and i wish i was there, how i pray i was among those who are crying out 'Labbaik Allahumma labaik..' among those who are begging for Allah's mercy in the plains of Arafa. just before i came to work i was watching live from arafah and subhanAllah even the hardest of hearts wouldn't be able to contain thier tears i dont think, so many people there for one reason, and one of the shaykhs on islam channel was saying that this was the REAL global peace and unity event.

Since the live coverage has begun a few days ago i've ben glued to the screen in the evenings watching it, but today i'm sorry to have missed live from arafah becauuse i'm at work, i pray Allah SWT gives me tawfique to me thier next year inshaAllah, may Allah grant all the hujjaj an accepted hajj and grant them a safe return, may Allah unite the ummah ameen

and finally


please remember the ummah in your duas


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