Monday, January 21, 2008

jazakAllah khayr

salaams all,

i hope everyone is well inshaAllah, in the best of health and imaan, i've been noticing that fellow bloggers have commented on my previous posts, and so this post is dedicated to you all, a warm welcome to my blog, jazakAllah khayr for taking time out to comment.

sister ammena- offcourse i dont mind sis you linking my blog to yours:) thanks and if anyone teaches me i would like to know how link others on my blog.

sister zainab and hm, thanks for your comments

sister anonymous, i really appriciate your advice sis regarding the dillemma post, its true, often i wonder who am i fearing more? the Creator, or the creation? and sometimes a simple answer is the key, e.g i'm not allowed to, its forbidden by my Lord. i guess the reason we want to elaborate because we want to explain to them the beauty of the deen.

so heres a bunch of e-flower bouquet for everyone :)


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Zainab said...

I love flowers, thank you :)