Tuesday, January 15, 2008

rainy days, wet socks and work

salaams all
hope everyones well inshaAllah
it was raining quite a bit as i took to the bus to work, it was raining so much and my shoes must have had a tear in them somewhere because the water got in and i had wet socks at work! though it was embarrassing a little bit i had to take them off otherwise i probably would have had a cold if i kept them on, anyways i put my wet socks on the radiator but kept taking them off quickly everytime the boss came in, it was soo funny, my colleugues were giggling at my madness, but then i decided i'll ask one of my bros to drop me off some socks and when he did and my co workers found out they were like 'awww how sweet, shes got her brothers wrapped around her finger!'

so alhamdulillah i sit here typing with dry socks on, note to self though: need some new shoes!

other news yesterday i had a driving test that i failed but alhamdulilah i accept its the decree of Allah and one day inshaAllah i will pass and become a safe driver on the streets of britain:) but i got thinking i remembered my face when the examiner said sorry on this occassion you haven;t passed and she showed me my mistakes, on the day of Judgement when i stand before Allah SWT what will be my result? what will be shown on my book of deeds, would i be sorry? i pray that Allah SWT makes us all among those who follow our beloved Prophet SAW to paradise, among those who are recognised as part of his ummah and get to drink from the fount of al kauthar by the Prophet SAW'S hands, and may we be among those whom Allah is pleased with ameen



ammena said...

salam sis.. insha'allah you dont mind, I just found your blog so Ive added it to my links :) insha'allah you will check out mine too. Keep blogging. Fi amenallah

Zainab said...

Ameen sis...