Thursday, February 28, 2008

leap year

salaams, hope everyone is well inshaAllah, so we're in 29th of February 2008, and its a leap year! An extra day of the year, an extra day one can spring clean, bake, try soemthing new, spend time with the family,as for me i'm at work! But alhamdulilah ala kulli haal.

Recently i've been thinking about death, it kind of started off on a programme that shaykh Tawifique Chodhury did 'Journey to the Hereafter' where he talked about the first night of the grave, they filmed it from an actual graveyard and then he physically went inside a grave, asking whose grave this was, yours or mine? subhanAllah it was really thought provoking,it sent shi9vers down my spine. few days later some people we know passed away, including my dads good friend, inna lillahee rajeeoon. it gets me thinking, what this life is about, and i started off this post asking how this extra day of the year shall be spent, well perhaps we can use this extra day to invest in the hereafter, and as a bonus is the day of jummah.

May Allah SWT give us the good of this dunya, and the good of the hereafter,may we live and die with imaan, may he expand our graves, give it a window of paradise, save us from the torments of the grave, give us shade on the the day of Judgement when there will be no shade except Allah's ameen

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