Friday, March 07, 2008

time for a mini rant

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabraktuh everyone, inshaAllah i pray everyone is in happiness, in the best of health and highest of imaan.

ok, so i'm in the office right now, and for like over half an hour or so the conversation has been in another language, i mean a few words here or there is ok generally but when your going on and on....subhanAllah i'm losing my patience. The worst part being is that i think i know what the conversations about, its about other collegues and sometimes even me! i mean some of it may be good but it makes one uncomfortable, i remember when i used to go madressah and we were taught that it was rude and wrong in islam for two people to whisper while a third is present. Isn't it just common courtesy that people should converse in a language that all people present understand? office gossip hate it! actually all gossip, may Allah save us from it ameen.

May Allah SWT forgive me, and all this ummah, keep us steadfast uopn imaan, make us a means of guidance for others, and give us succesful in this world and afterlife, ameen. (i was about to write dunya and akhira but that would be contradicting myself, what if some of my readers dont understand? ;))

until next time fiamanillah
take care wasalam


Miss Muslimah said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

i must say that is a pet peeve of mine as well :(

white african said...

so true sis, use dto happen at my work place, every one spoke arabic and although i understood i was conscious of the fact that one of my colleagues didnt speak or understand and i use dto get so annoye don her behalf and would purposly respond in english.

its not a nice feeling, and as humans its only natural to feel left out.

eternal peace said...

miss muslimah- yeah its one of my great pet hates too as u probably worked out!

white african- yes, i know what u mean there was this one colleugue who didn't know any of the south asian languages so she used to feel really left out, atleast i can get a jist here and there!

well i gotta say this week a few of us have initiated this new project, learning eachothers languages lol just a few words mind but its all good alhamdulillah, so learning german, punjabi and bengali!! hehe

ammena said...

salam sis, thanks for comment on my blog.. u checked out havent got any tips really.. just remember the barakah :D masha'allah