Tuesday, May 27, 2008



i've come to work after having an extended weekend, however the mood here is gloomy, we've just heard one of our collegues father has died in India, the colleuge went to see his father because he was ill but came back here for work and now his fathers passed away. Last weekend another collegue and manager at the place lost his mother. I also heard yesterday that the shakyh that we used to study at madressah w his fathers very ill at hospital and they have left it to Allah SubhanWaTa'ala. makes me think of my own death. May Allah SWT let us die on imaan,make it easy for us, have mercy upon us and save us from the torment of the grave and hereafter ameen
please remember our shaykh's father in your du'as.

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eternal peace said...

just found out he has passed away innalillahe rajeeoon, may Allah have mercy on him and grant him jannatul firdaws ameen