Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rumours & Lies

i'm in an upset kind of mood right now and you may have guessed its to do with rumours and lies. Theres a dear friend of mine and shes had people lie against her, accusations of being with someone elses husband(audhubilla) and shes very upset. I dont understand why people feel the need to spread such malice, why ruin people's family life, emotional state and honour and dignity. SubhanAllah a person's honour is the most precious thing to them and to have someone ruining it for them and have others see them differently must feel like thier worlds turned around.

Allah SWT says in the Qur'an:

“O, you who believe! Avoid much suspicion; in deeds some suspicions are sins. And spy not neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear God, verily, God is the one who accepts repentance, Most Merciful. ( Surah Al Hujurat 49: 12)

It also reminds me of the incident of our mother Ayesha(May Allah be pleased with her)when she was falsely accused aswell and Allah SWT confirmed her inncocence subhanAllah.

i really hope my friend whose like a big sis at times too, hope she finds comfort and peace and the gossipers are exposed for what they are.


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