Saturday, July 25, 2009


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh

So SubhanAllah the month of Shaban has now arrived and so Ramadan is not far at all. I'm going to take this month inshaAllah to try and prepare for Ramadan as much as I can. I have read some sisters' blogs and alhamdulillah they have inspired me. In previous years I have made so many plans for Ramadan that were perhaps not realistic and so at the end of the Ramadan I have been disappointed. At the end of this Ramadan I want to come out feeling like I have achieved something, improved myself and my relationship with Allah Subhanahu Ta'la inshaAllah.

At the moment I can think of two areas of my deen (Islam) that I want to concentrate on inshaAllah and perhaps by the time I get to Ramadan I would be ready to add more.

1) SALAH: InshaAllah I am going to try and read every Salah punctually at the earlist time with concentration.

2) MEMORISATION OF QUR'AN: Unfortunatley I haven't been memorizing Qur'an for a long time now and so I'm going to revisit surahs that I have memorised in the past and then learn some new ones inshaAllah. To achieve this goal I plan to spend 2 days at the most on the surahs I should already know and then after that learn a new ayah(verse) every day.

May Allah SWT give me the ability to achieve these goals so that I get closer to Him,May He make it easy for everyone else to achieve their goals,ameen
Peace and Blessing be upon Muhammad,his family,his companions and all those who follow his way until the day of Judgement ameen

Until next time inshaAllah


Adventurous Ammena said...

i pray things go well for you this ramadhan. I too am praying to get closer to Allah this year... its been a long time :( and is much needed insha'allah

eternal peace said...

jazakAllah khayr for your du'as sister ammena and for visiting my blog yeah lets try and make this the best ramadan of our lives inshaAllah :-)

Queen said...

yes sis i will try and take inspiration from you and try my very best this ramadhan, every year i just end up dreading it because of the whole environment (i have so many ramadhan related inlaw incidents!) and Eid.... i just spend in the kitchen serving all morning!

eternal peace said...

aww sis Queen inshaAllah Allah will reward you abundantly for the sacrifices you have to make with that family ameen also remember its so much easier to get up at tahajud and make lots of du'as so I advice you to do that espcially for your sisituation and I say this to myself before I advice others