Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Assalamu alikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

I've started a short Islamic course for this summer inshaAllah that covers basic Arabic fiqh and aqeedah. Today during the fiqh session the shaykh covered taharah (purity). This is the first chapter in any fiqh book because cleanliness and purity is so important in our faith. Islam has greatly emphasized the importance of cleanliness and purity; the Qur'an says what means the following:

"Indeed Allah loves those who repent and those who keep clean" (Al-Baqarah 2:22)

"There you will find men who love cleanliness and Allah loves those who are clean." (At-Tawbah 9:108)

RasulAllah (SAW) has also expanded on the importance of cleanliness by saying that "cleanliness is half of faith" (Muslim), adjoining cleanliness to faith in Allah Himself.

There are many other verses of the Qur'an and hadith that also mention the imporatnce of cleaniness and its relation to faith and worship.

Although what was taught today was not new to me as alhamdulillah I was taught this in the madressah I went to after school it did get me thinking about my surroundings and that I should start decluttering, tidying and cleaning it. I have managed to pile up so much paper,clothes,jewellery,books (the list goes on) and this is making My surroundings very busy. For me when my home is cluttered that impacts my mental state and that affects my faith.

As Muslims we must be both physically pure(our bodies,clothes,homes) and spiritually pure(cleaning our heart of diseases such as pride,hypocrisy,lies). For me I have to start off clearing my surroundings and physical state and then move deeper to my spiritual state.

So inshaAllah with Ramadan in mind I intend to tidy away alot of my stuff so that by Ramadan I have a clean,tidy, tranquil haven that I can worship Allah in totally focusing. May Allah give me the ability ameen

Whatever I have said right is from Allah and His Messenger, Anything that I have said wrong is from myself and shaytaan and may Allah forgive me ameen


Umm Salihah said...

thank you for the reminder and inspiration. I have meaning to clean and clear-out my house from top to bottom bit by bit and got disheartened when it didn't take long to get messy again.

I had planned to get it clean by Eid, but actually I like the idea of being done by Ramadan so that the family can focus on ibadah. So jazakh'Allah-khairun.

eternal peace said...

walaikum salam yeah i totally understand your frustration the rooms i managed to get cleaned are messy by the next day so i have to clean them up again and then dont manage to do the other rooms lol
inshaAllah i hope we all get rid of all physical and spiritual impurities in our homes rewady for ramadan ameen

Queen said...

salam sis nice to see you writing again, i havent read it yet but inshallah will after i just tell you this, go to customise and then layout you should see that the layout asks if you wish to add a widget, click on that and it will give a list of things that you can add to your blog, you should come to the one that says add blog list. i hope that it i shelpful

Queen said...

that was such a nice post sis, i have slight ocd about cleanliness, i hate unclean people, but you know my room at the moment has too many things, namely people, i totally understand what you mean about when things are organised you feel better in yourself and that if effects your mental well being. I hate my bedroom, my whole life is in one room, it is not my haven, i wish that my kids were in a separate room to me, it would be so much more spacious.

eternal peace said...

queen, my rani jazakAllah khayr for the tip i think i'll be able to do it now inshaAllah :) and hey i've realised your my first follower aww your sweet sis xxx

i can imagine about your room sis i mean i share with my sis so theres two of us and it seems like my clothes/shoes,books,uni folders and notes,teaching resource and all my sisters stuff cant all fit in the room without it looking so cluttered so it must be really really dificult in your room.

i've noticed few families actualy having to share thier room with thier young children and its tough but for some reason or another alot of us live in croweded sitiutations. Some people think a bedroom is just to sleep in but like u say it shud be a our little haven!

Queen said...

you know what sis it make smy head hurt when i think about my room i mean there is no space at all, what is more horrible is that my inlaws all have bigger rooms than me and fewer people sleeping in it. I have my whole life in my room. I hate it sis. sis do you think it is bad throwing things away? its stuff ive bought but havent had time to use, i mean i feel guilty but the things is i just want to declutter like you said i think it will make me feel better. I mean clothes i can give away right but other things like hand creams, body lotions etc. Also im thinking of throwing away all my wedding cards that i got from people, I hate thinking about my wedding it really upsets me to know. what do you think will i regret it?

eternal peace said...

well sis with clothes and things i'm like you give it to charity,with things like lotions and creams have they been opened? if they haven't been opened and your pretty sure you wont use them then give them to friends or sisters as presents,the ones that have been opened ask close ones if they would like them i remember when I didn't want to keep any of my perfumes some people who didnt mind taking them that way inshaAllah you wont feel guilty.
Also other bric and brac give them to charity shops to sell instead of throwing away?
hope it has been useful inshaAllah
i was really going to write a whole post on it after two attempts of nearly writing my long post I have lost it due to my own silliness!

Queen said...

thanks for that sis, i cant believe you lost your post twice, anyway third time lucky????

iMuslimah said...

Brilliant post!

I truly believe that I cant be organized in my mind when my home is cluttered. It really affects my ability to think clearly and to be productive. the same goes for my handbag and care. When its a hot mess, Im wicked.

When my home is tidy and fresh, everything else seems more manageable and feasible. This is especially important when i have on odd day, or something umpleasant/stressful happens.