Saturday, August 08, 2009

Breaking Free

Assalamu alaikum warahmatuhllahi wabaraktuh
inshaAllah everyone is in the best of health and highest of eeman

following on from my last 'proper' post about cleanliness i thought i'd update about my decluttering adventures! so alhamdulillah i managed to sort out the downstairs reception rooms and thought i'd move to decluttering my room. Let me mention here that most of everything that I own is in this room, my clothes,makeup,jewellery,cosmetics,uni folders,stationery,books,arts and crafts stuff(dont ask why I have so much when i cant do any art),important documents,photos,keepsakes etc.

I had attempted to declutter before yet wasn't ruthless enough,only when I began to put different lenses on and see things like my friend(who is soo tidy) that I realised what a hoarder I was,subhnaAllah. I had notes from my A level and undergrad days! My very tidy friend who also did the degree with me was like throw the stuff away you dont really need the stuff! Let me tell you I get quite sentimental and attached to things and letting go of the uni notes was quite difficult for me. I kept thinking ' What if I need it for when i teach?' But I have to face reality I dont have the space to keep stuff that 'might come in handy someday'. It wasn;t only notes but my teaching resources(i have copies on memory stick though) and so much other junk that had I collected and so since Friday I have been filling plenty of black bags of clothes for charity,bric and brac for charity, loooaads of paper that needs recycling and general rubbish. It amazing how many empty folders,plastic wallets,baskets and boxes I now have!

After all that i feel much lighter,like all my clutter was weighing me down and now I have broken free alhamdulillah,I dont need to keep so many things for sentimental reasons I have many happy memories alhamdulillah. After all when I leave this world I'm going alone, except for my deeds. I'm just a traveller and so I might aswell travel light.

However having said all that the downside to decluttering if your not careful is that there is a certain brand new almond body butter that I cant find right now and perhaps may have got 'decluttered' oops!....

Until next time inshaAllah


Queen said...

salam sis! hey you finally did it!!! you know what after i read your stuff i threw so much away, gave so much away and made promises that i need to get more space if not for my self than for my kids.!!!

eternal peace said...

salaams sis,i gotta say 2 days later my room still has that postive vibe alhamdulillah, and lifes more organised as i dont have to go through towering boxes to get to stuff,i'm glad my advice has come a little useful alhamduliollah ;)
sis jazakAllah khayr for blog tutorial i finally mananged to get links to other blogs and feel ever so sophisticated hehehe