Sunday, April 18, 2010

The day I got to meet White African

assalamu alaikum everyone hope everyones fine

Yesterday I got to meet someone special from blogland mashaAllah! I was at a conference and was looking at the doorway where a face looked very familiar to me so I started thinking 'where have a seen this face before?' then I realised it was on a blog... and the person was no other than White African !!! Check her blog over at: (ok i cant seem to put the link up check out my bloglist on the side)
As she passed me I was assalamu alaikum and started to smile, then I realised she wouldn't know who I am duh! So I quickly tried to introduce myself, 'I'm eternal peace'. Later that afternoon we were in the same workshop and was able to chat mashaAllah. The workshop itself was wonderful and we got share many laughs aswell as tears.

White African sis I'm not sure if you get to read this but if you do then mashaAllah I'm really glad to have met you, though I hadn't met you before it was like I already knew somewhat due to your blog. Meeting online friends in 'real life' is a topic for another post really theres just so much in it! May Allah love you sis and all the other wonderful blogger friends ameen

Remember me in your du'as folks



white african said...

wow it was sooooooo great to meet you i swear you made my day yesterday, i kept telling people and family i met a fellow blogger and i had the same feelings, i was completly comfortable in your prescence.

thanks hun for yesterday and inshallah we will meet again.

eternal peace said...

white african- aww same here sis i told few peopl too i would have told alot more but my blog is more 'undercover' lol and my family and friends dont know about it! inshaAllah i too hope we meet again xxx

Thinking- yes too meet fellow bloggers is amazing experience because unlike normal friendships this one had relied on text rather than face to face interactions!